What does LegalWise do for you?

  • LegalWise offers you legal expenses insurance.  We protect you and your family’s legal rights with our basic membership.   
  • LegalWise provides para-legal services, legal counselling and representation for you and your family, including your spouse or partner and children. 
  • LegalWise will pay a lawyer up to N$ 113 000 of legal fees per matter, when you need one.
  • LegalWise also has the additional Extended Family Plan and the Professional Legal Plan that can be added for an additional premium per month to your basic Membership.

How does LegalWise work?

  • Members have access to our in-house Legal Counsellors who offer face-to-face counselling.
  • Our Legal Counsellors are experienced and trained. They will advise you, write letters on your behalf and attempt to resolve and settle legal issues without going to court.                                   
  • Our Legal Counsellors will refer you to an attorney when you have a legal problem that requires a court hearing or representation to Alternative Dispute Resolution Forums. *

    Note - LegalWise by law, may not handle certain legal cases in-house and Members will be referred to our network of lawyers and LegalWise will pay the legal fees per case*
    (Members do have the option of selecting their own lawyer but may be responsible for the difference between the LegalWise tariffs and what your attorney charges you. *

The LegalWise Basic Membership includes:

  • LegalWise provides legal counselling and assistance and covers legal fees* per case for criminal, civil and labour related cases
  • Legal and related advice.
  • Counselling and assistance on court procedures.
  •  Negotiations and correspondence with third parties on your behalf.
  •  Assistance and counselling regarding basic legal documents, such as legal contracts.
  •  Debt relief matters such as settlement negotiations, consolidations, payment extensions and blacklisting.

What do you get as a LegalWise Member?

  • Face-to-face legal counselling and assistance from our Legal Counsellors at our Branches
  • 24-hour legal assistance via our telephonic LegalLine (We offer telephonic legal counselling and assistance)
  • Access to legal advice and administrative assistance can relate to any aspect of law including our exclusions.
  • Online email-based legal assistance during office hours.
  • Access to our network of lawyers, who will represent you. *
  • Cover per case for your legal fees should you need representation in court or Alternative Dispute Resolution Forums. *                                                                                                                                     
  • Access to LegalWise Branches and payment of legal fees for matters that are covered, whilst visiting or staying temporarily in the Republic of South Africa. *

LegalWise Membership includes:

  • Matrimonial disputes (uncontested divorce)
  • LegalWise provides legal counselling and assistance and covers legal fees* per matter for criminal, civil and labour related matters
  • Legal and related advice
  • Counselling on court procedures
  • Negotiations and correspondence with third parties on your behalf
  • Assistance and counselling regarding basic legal documents, such as legal contracts
  • Debt relief, like settlement negotiations, consolidations, payment extensions, blacklisting assistance or even bankruptcy

What is not covered by LegalWise?

Our Membership is kept affordable by not covering:

  • Business and ancillary business activity matters
  • Defamation cases 
  • Matrimonial matters (contested divorces, maintenance disputes, custody, adoption and paternity matters)
  • Status matters
  • Matters involving you as a member, public officer, trustee, executor, curator or spokesperson)
  • Matters with an option to pay a fine without a conviction.
  • Matters that arose before you joined LegalWise or during your 3-month waiting period. *
  • Class or Collective actions
  • An act aimed at promoting or frustrating economic, political, social or environmental change.

What you get at our Branches in Namibia:

At the LegalWise Branch, you will consult with our in – house Legal Counsellors (some of whom are admitted attorneys and advocates)

Examples of matters that our Legal Counsellors will assist you with are:

  • Family matters (child maintenance enquiries /advice and divorce).    
  • Insurance problems (life policy, car/house insurance claims, repudiations). 
  • Consumer-related problems (guarantees, warranties and defective goods).
  • Home-owner issues (breach of contract, faulty alterations, home improvements, damages and defective building works).
  • Employment matters (unfair dismissals, breach of contract, retrenchments and workplace disputes).
  • Criminal cases against a Member or his/her family.
  • Motor vehicle problems or accident claims (damages as a result of an accident or breach of contract, wrongful repossession, defective workmanship, latent defects, overcharging by a supplier or wrongful repudiations of car insurance claims and or misrepresentation at point of sale)
  • Personal injury claims, damages to physical property and consumer problems 
  • Blacklisting
  • Advice and assistance on predated matters or matters that are not covered by LegalWise
  • Education problems (breach of contract and disciplinary proceedings)

What does the LegalWise Extended Benefits offer?

The extended benefits relate to matters that are not actually covered or paid for under the LegalWise policy.

The  extended benefits  means that LegalWise will  make a contribution of legal fees to your Lawyer in order to assist you with additional benefits listed below:- 

Debt Services
- Uncontested and contested Rescission of Administration Orders (3 month waiting period)

Family Matters
- Uncontested Divorces (12 month waiting period)
- Maintenance for children (3 month waiting period)
- Drafting of wills (3 month waiting period)

Property transfers of primary residence (12 month waiting period)

We will only provide additional services to LegalWise Members in accordance with and subject to the LegalWise extended services list, as amended from time to time. The extended Services is seen as a benefit and attracts no excess fee.

Cover In The Republic Of South Africa

We cover matters in South Africa if the Member is a citizen of Namibia residing in Namibia, a permanent resident of Namibia or in possession of a lawful Namibia work permit.

  • The Member who is entitled to cover in Namibia will be entitled to cover whilst temporarily in the Republic of South Africa (RSA) subject to the following:
  •  The Member will be covered for Legal Expenses incurred in the RSA in relation to Relevant Facts occurring entirely in the RSA; 
  • Cover will only be granted if the Member enters the RSA with a valid visa entitling the Member to do so: 
  • The Member must be in possession of a passport valid for not less than 30 days after expiry of the intended stay in the RSA; 
  • The Member must, if required, be the holder of a temporary residence permit issued in accordance with the provisions of the immigration laws of the RSA; 
  • The Member must not be a prohibited or undesirable person in terms of the immigration laws of the RSA; 
  • The Member must not intend to or actually visit or stay in the RSA for any periods cumulative exceeding 90 days in any one calendar year; 
  • The Member must not become a resident of the RSA for the purposes of its income tax laws.

When does a Legal Counsellor refer your matter?

The Legal Counsellor will consult with you, review and assess your matter by first attending to the matter administratively, dealing with any legal work and exhausting all internal remedies.

You will then be referred to our network of attorneys, if necessary and LegalWise will cover any legal fees that may arise.*

(Members do have the option of selecting their own lawyer but may be responsible for the difference between the LegalWise tariffs and what your attorney charges you).*

How does the waiting period work?

You have a 3 month waiting period from the date of your first premium payment, before LegalWise will pay for legal fees and we will only cover legal cases that arose after the 3 month waiting period. However, you get immediate assistance from our in-house Legal Counsellors and the 24 hour LegalLine.

Money Back Guarantee.

Should you feel that the Membership is not suitable to your needs within the 3-month waiting period, you may cancel your LegalWise Membership in writing (requesting cancellation and a refund) as long as you have received no benefit or assistance during this time and we shall then refund you the premiums for the last 3 months.

If you terminate the policy in this time, but do not request a refund in writing, no refund will be given.

Power of LegalWise