What do you get as a LegalWise Member?

  • Face-to-face legal counselling and assistance from our Legal Counsellors at our Branches.
  • 24-hour legal assistance via our telephonic LegalLine (We offer telephonic legal counselling and assistance).
  • Access to legal advice and administrative assistance can relate to any aspect of law including our exclusions.
  • Online email-based legal assistance during office hours.
  • Access to our network of lawyers, who will represent you.
  • Cover per case for your legal fees should you need representation in court or Alternative Dispute Resolution Forums.*
  • Access to LegalWise Branches and payment of legal fees for matters that are covered, whilst visiting or staying temporarily in the Republic of South Africa.*

The LegalWise Basic Membership includes:

  • LegalWise provides legal counselling and assistance and covers legal fees* per case for criminal, civil and labour related cases.
  • Legal and related advice.
  • Counselling and assistance on court procedures.
  • Negotiations and correspondence with third parties on your behalf.
  • Assistance and counselling regarding basic legal documents, such as legal contracts.
  • Debt relief matters such as settlement negotiations, consolidations, payment extensions and blacklisting.

What is not covered by LegalWise?

Our Membership is kept a-ordable by not covering:

  • Business and ancillary business activities
  • Defamation cases initiated by you, that is where you are the Plainti 
  • Matrimonial matters (marriage, divorce, maintenance disputes, custody, adoption and paternity matters)
  • Status matters
  • Matters involving you as a member, public officer, trustee, executor, curator or spokesperson
  • Matters with an option to pay a fine, without a conviction.
  • Matters that arose before you joined LegalWise or during your 3-month waiting period. *
  • Class or Collective actions
  • An act aimed at promoting or frustrating economic, political, social or environmental change.
  • Matters before you joined LegalWise or during your 3 month waiting period

Examples of matters that our Legal Counsellors will assist you with are: 

  • Family matters (child maintenance enquiries /advice and divorce). 
  • Insurance problems (life policy, car/house insurance claims, repudiations).
  • Consumer-related problems (guarantees, warranties and defective goods).
  • Home-owner issues (breach of contract, faulty alterations, home improvements, damages and defective building works).
  • Employment matters (unfair dismissals, breach of contract, retrenchments and workplace disputes).
  • Criminal cases against a Member or his/her family.
  • Motor vehicle problems or accident claims (damages as a result of an accident or breach of contract, wrongful repossession, defective workmanship, latent defects, overcharging by a supplier or wrongful repudiations of car insurance claims and or misrepresentation at point of sale)
  • Personal injury claims, damages to physical property and consumer problems
  • Blacklisting 
  • Advice and assistance on predated matters or matters that are not covered by LegalWise.
  • Education problems (breach of contract and disciplinary proceedings)